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Cadillacaro [userpic]
by Cadillacaro (cadillacaro)
at August 28th, 2007 (05:39 pm)

Hey Darling,

Hope all is well in India. Or that everything was well and that you are home safe - and unmarried!!!

Anyways... I've been having a really crap day, and I think I've come to a decision. At the end of my undergraduate (December 2008) I shall return to the motherland for Xmas, then perhaps do a post-graduate in Translation at Trinity. This is still in planning stage, but I'm thinking about it.

Your thoughts?

By the way, you MUST join facebook, you lazy person.

Love you & Miss you!

Topsy [userpic]
by Topsy (topsy)
at August 1st, 2007 (06:51 pm)

Thanks for the email !!!

Sorry to hear about the phone, it was a lovely phone. It was indeed.

You should get something in the mail around friday ;)

Topsy [userpic]
by Topsy (topsy)
at July 19th, 2007 (05:47 pm)

current mood: cheerful


Sorry this is so late, but well, you know me ... ;)

Shall send a card, am still pondering what to buy. BUT, it will be something quite cool. Promise.

Lots of love and hope you had a wonderful day and lots of presents !!

Topsy [userpic]
by Topsy (topsy)
at July 14th, 2007 (10:41 am)

Guess who I met yesterday while food shopping with my dad ?

Mme Rio from prepa. Still looks and talks the same. ;)

Also, have no idea what to get you for your birthday, any clues for me ?

Topsy [userpic]
by Topsy (topsy)
at June 22nd, 2007 (10:41 pm)

Clearly I suck donkey's balls and am a horrible friend. BUT. Have a wonderful trip in South Africa and don't be too nervous. You are marvelous, darling. ;)

Topsy [userpic]
by Topsy (topsy)
at June 15th, 2007 (04:28 pm)

OMG, I'm so ashamed. Truly, there is an email in the works for you that should be sent before sunday.

Also, when are you leaving for South Africa ? ALSO, how are you ?

Cadillacaro [userpic]
by Cadillacaro (cadillacaro)
at June 11th, 2007 (02:10 pm)

This is funny on so many levels. It amuses me to no end. It's bad, but great. Aaah, French people...

Cadillacaro [userpic]
by Cadillacaro (cadillacaro)
at April 8th, 2007 (11:20 pm)


Hope you had a wonderful day full of chocolate and goodness!

Love you

PS: I changed my mailing address in case you need/want to send me something... It's:

LPO Box 5473
University of Canberra
Bruce, ACT. 2617


Cadillacaro [userpic]
Long time...
by Cadillacaro (cadillacaro)
at April 7th, 2007 (01:06 pm)

current mood: complacent

...no post!

What's happening? I have nothing of interest to share. Today is my first day of Easter break. I have 2 wonderful weeks off. Which will be dedicated to my new shiny job (even though the manager we have this week is a bit of a jerk!) and the bunch of essays I have to turn in.

Blah. Love you!

Topsy [userpic]
by Topsy (topsy)
at February 20th, 2007 (10:19 am)

current mood: calm

happy Mardi Gras !!!

Let us mourn together the fact that we cannot have homemade crepes. How are you my dear ?

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